Abrasive non-slip tape. Photoluminescent

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Abrasive non-slip tape. Photoluminescent. In coils of 18.3 meters. Width 50 mm. Various colors.


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Abrasive andideslizing tape. Photoluminescent

The abrasive non-slip tape. Photoluminescent. Available in a width of 50 mm. Available in various colors. It is served in 18.3 meter coils.

The main purpose is to avoid slipping on surfaces where due to their physical characteristics there is a risk of falls and slips. They serve as both safety elements and signalling systems used both indoors and outdoor installations.

Features non-slip tapes:

  • Effective and basic: design and manufacture against static electricity claims to be the most effective non-slip surface available.
  • Duration: they have a thin layer impregnated with extra strong aluminum oxide.
  • Permanence: they have a permanent and pressure sensitive adhesive bath layer, resistant to water and ensures that once installed remains unchanged.
  • Temperature: can withstand above and outside all environmental limits, withstanding even temperatures below -30 ºC.
  • Flexible: Flexibility allows extreme torques higher than 90o angles without damaging the product.
  • Duration: the combination of aluminum oxide, thin plastic layer and adhesive remains provides you with a long and efficient service life.
  • Cleaning: it is designed for resistance to both steam cleaning and regular detergents.
  • Quality: manufacturers certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Features abrasive tapes:

  • High quality composite material of granules impregnated in aluminum oxide.
  • UV resistance.
  • Resistance to chemicals (bleach and solvents).
  • Possibility of cleaning.
  • Water resistance.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.



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