Kitchen hood extinguishing system. CROCADE

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Buy / Price of automatic extinguishing system industrial kitchen hoods CROCADE.. Includes pipe, pushbutton, extinguisher, and everything you need.


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Extinguishing system for industrial kitchen hoods. CROCADE

Consisting of materials of maximum reliability and manufactured with materials that gives it anti-corrosion protection, this equipment is perfectly adapted for use in industrial kitchens.

In our online store you can buy an automatic extinguishing system in industrial extractor kitchen hoods at the best price.

The system includes pipe and all the accessories necessary for the operation of the same


Extinguishing agent container

High quality steel according to EN 10.130, consists of two mountings, central cylinder and bushing. Test pressure: PT 27 bar. Vessel diameter, 190 mm. Includes a stand for vertical fixation. The container is protected by a stainless steel enclosure or cabinet.


Coating and corrosion protection

Anti-corrosion exterior and interior protection of the extinguishing agent container, manual drive and housings.


Container lid

The cap body is brass alloy, in this body is mounted, the firing shaft, and the activation button. To achieve the output of the extinguishing agent it is necessary for the button to go down by system activation, then the shaft opens the CO2 bottle, pressurizing the extinguishing agent F, then the increase of the container pressure and the outlet of the extinguishing agent by the emission line and diffusers occurs.


Fire extinguishing type

Extinguishing agent: 12Kg. F-347. Ref. AUCA F-347. Download time: Between 1.5 and 5 min. (Depending on the number of diffusers)


Propellant gas and operating pressure

Carbon dioxide bottle, CO2. PS max.TM 15.6 bar; PT (test) s 27 bar; Emission line pressure: between 4 and 10 bar;


Advantages of the CROCADE system

  • It meets the requirements of Article GC8. From the safety regulations in the ERP on the protection of fires by professional fryers.
  • Easy assembly. Quick connections. Radial pressing.
  • ISO 15371:2.009 certified for kitchen fire protection systems.
  • Automatic fire detection and extinguishing system: You do not need human intervention in the presence of fire for activation.
  • Autonomous system: does not need any external water or energy input.
  • Efficiency: extinction in a few seconds, 75F in 3 sec.
  • Modular: Multiple systems can be installed in parallel.
  • Multiple systems can be connected with a single discovery line, so that all systems are activated at once.
  • Reliable: Simple all-mechanical system that ensures good operation.
  • Maintenance: After use reinstallation and maintenance can be performed at the same site of the installation. Auxiliary pressure container.
  • Complies with UNE 23510


  • Operating temperature + 5oC / + 50oC.
  • Dimensions of the container cabinet Protective cabinet: 900 x 234 x 220 mm.
  • Approvals:
    • Directive PED 97/23 EC. No. 05/SP/964-2. Type 8.
    • ISO 15371:2.009 Certified.
  • Efficiency. Classes F: Extinguishing agent specific to cooking fires type “F”.
  • Thermal detector. Thermal detectors have a tardo temperature of 150oC. If there is a temperature increase above this value the thermal detector will melt, the voltage will disappear and therefore the system will be activated.
  • Emission line and diffuser nozzles:. The entire emission line is made of stainless steel, including the diffuser nozzle. Diffuser with special design for a pyramid-shaped projection filled with square base.
  • Alarm: The system by means of an optional O/NF dry contact on the head of the hankeeper ensures the activation of an acoustic alarm, gas line closure, suction disconnection, etc…

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