Signal / Corrosion Risk Poster

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Signal / Corrosion Risk Poster. Approved. According to UNE 81-501. PVC 0.7 mm, 2 mm. Aluminium 0.8 mm and Adhesive. Various sizes.


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Corrosion risk signal

The corrosion risk signal is available in Adhesive material, PVC 0.7 mm, PVC 2 mm and Aluminium 0.8 mm. It also has several sizes to choose from for this same product.

The poster informs us of an area where there are liquids or materials that when they come in contact with the skin or the human body produce irritation and problems. Being exposed to them can cause harm to the user.

The signaling is mandatory according to UNE 81-501/81 on safety signs in the workplace in facilities where there are people doing work with certain types of risks and are prone to accidents, hence it is specifically informed of this type of risk with safety signs

How to install a corrosion risk signal?

Signalling will be carried out on a nearby wall where there is a hazard warning. The installation will be at a height visible to users.

To stickit we must apply silicone to the back of the sign, 1 silicone point for each corner and another in the middle. With 5 silicone points we will have enough to install the sign on the wall.

Standard of dangerous warning signs

The regulations applied are UNE 81-501/81 on safety signage in the workplace.

They warn us of hazards and risks in the workplace.

The danger warningpictograms are black triangular in shape and on a yellow background. Yellow will cover at least 50% of the signal and will have black borders, except for the background of “harmful or irritating materials” which is orange.


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