Sign of Flammable Substances

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Flammable Substance GHS signal. In PCV Adhesive and Aluminum 0.8 mm. Several sizes.


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GHS signal of flammable substances

The GHS signal of Flammable Substances is available in PVC Adhesive and Aluminium material 0.8 mm. It also has several sizes to choose from for this same product.


  • Flammable (categories 1 and 2 of solids, categories 1, 2 and 3 of liquids, category 1 of gases, flammable aerosols, category 1 and 2).
  • Auto reagent (Type B, C, D, E and F).
  • Pyrophoric.
  • Spontaneous heating emits flammable gas.
  • Organic peroxide (Type B, C, D and F).

For products that may become inflamed on contact with a source of ignition, by heat or friction, on contact with air or water, or if flammable gases are released.


Información adicional

Referencia GHS

ALUMINIUM 300×300 mm


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