7C7 Series Air Maintenance Set

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7C7 Series air maintenance set. Includes a 1/3 HP and TRIM 757P compressor. Send it COM/7C7 from the manufacturer VICTUALIC.

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7C7 Series Air Maintenance Set

The air and compressor maintenance assembly is designed for systems that do not require an accelerator to achieve the required system pressure performance. If an accelerator is needed, a tank-mounted compressor with a regulated air maintenance device should be used.

For 768 Series dry valves, 769 Series pre-reaction and deluge valves, and FireLock 764 Series alternating valves.

The assembly consists of an upstream compressor, a 757P Series air maintenance device and flexible handles for installation. It is designed for the valve system to reach an operating air pressure within 30 minutes of discharge.

The 757P Series air maintenance device is UL certified and FM approved.

The 7C7 Series assembly is available with 1/6, 1/3 and 1/2 hp compressors,depending on system requirements.


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