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TVN-1104cS-1T. TVN11c 4chIP Recorder Series PoE

359,01 + IVA

Grabador TruVision Serie 11, 4 canales PoE, 40 Mbps, 1TB

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*Los productos no incluyen gastos de transporte y los precios son exclusivos online.


TVN-1104cS-1T. TVN11c 4chIP Recorder Series PoE

  • Linux embedded Plug and Play configuration
  • Supports H.264 and H.265
  • Four Plug & Play PoE Ports (PoE-af & PoE-at support)
  • Flexible PoE budgetting
  • Automatic setup of IP address, resolution & other settings through Plug&Play ports
  • Up to 40 Mbps camera recording bandwidth for maximum four IP cameras
  • 1 TB embedded storage
  • Icon based front panel
  • Real time Full HD recording
  • Up to 4K resolution support
  • Motion detection, VCA, privacy masking and tamper detection
  • TruVision IP camera auto-detection
  • Third party camera support via ONVIF Profile S or RTSP (custom protocols)
  • IP camera configuration import/export
  • Integration of Carrier IP intrusion panels via SIA/XSIA reporting
  • TVK-800 IP keypad support (no support for local display of H.265 cameras)
  • USB DVD burner support
  • Full browser-, OSD- and software-based access for live, recorded video & configuration
  • TVRMobile app for iOS and Android
  • TruVision Navigator license-free client/host or standalone application
  • External integration through SDK
Operating system Embedded Linux
Rack mountable No
Rack stacking size 1 U
Camera channels 4
IP camera channels 4
Camera bandwidth 40 Mbps
Max. IP audio in 4
Max. analog audio In 1
Supported video compression standards H.264,​ H.265
Supported video streaming standards Onvif,​ RTSP Custom Protocols
Storage capacity 1 TB
Maximum recording resolution 4K
Recording modes Alarm,​ Event,​ Manual,​ Time-lapse high,​ Time-lapse low
Edge failover recording No


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Tipo de Grabador

Grabadores 4 CH


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