Poster Do not use in case of emergency. Class A. F810

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Poster Do not use in case of emergency. Class A. F810. Luminescent. According UNE 23035:2003. Available in PVC 1 mm.


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Poster Do not use un case of emergency Class A F810

The poster do not use in case of emergency Class A F810 is available in PVC material 1 mm. It also has several sizes to choose from for this same product.

The sign is used to indicate the location of an evacuation route.

Signage is mandatory and serves to indicate evacuation routes to leave a facility or premises.


How to install an un use sign in case of emergency F810?

The signage will be made on the wall that guides us to the nearest evacuation route or exit door. The installation will be at a height visible to users.

To stickit we must apply silicone to the back of the sign, 1 silicone point for each corner and another in the middle. With 5 silicone points we will have enough to install the sign on the wall.


Emergency signs regulations.

The photoluminescent signaling has to comply with the UNE 23035 standard

The signs have to be permanently identified, with the following data:

  • Manufacturer name
  • Month, year and manufacturing batch.
  • Luminance in mcd / m2 according to UNE 23035-1
  • Attenuation time
  • Colors during stimulation
  • Signal category (Class A or B) according to photoluminescence.

According to the UNE 23034 standard: The Signs to use for evacuations and the sizes to use according to distances.

According to UNE 23033 / ISO 7010: We will be able to check in the technical building code the different measurements / sizes of the signs regarding the observation distance.


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Class A

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