Intrinsically Safe Pilot FA370

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Intrinsically Safe Pilot – FA370 / Kilsen. Glass and red base.

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Intrinsically safe pilot FA370

The Intrinsically SegurPilot is a strobe flash, for use in intrinsically safe areas, which provides an audible sound incase of fire. It incorporates a fireproof ABS housing that complies with the EEx ia IIC T4 with an IP65 protection range.


Intrinsically safe pilot range FA370

The Intrinsically Safe Pilotis approved by ATEX with ExII 1G and EEx ia IIC T4 ranges. It is located inside a fireproof ABS housing in accordance with the UL94V0 and 5VA, and offers an IP65 protection range.


Intrinsically safe pilot operation FA370

The Intrinsically Safe Pilot uses 6 high-intensity LEDs along with a prism lens for optimal viewing and high flash intensity.


Intrinsically safe pilot FA370 features

  • ATEX Certified
  • Range EEx ia IIC T4
  • IP65 range
  • High-efficiency LED’s


    Operating voltage 6 to 28 VDC
    Flash frequency 1 or 2 Hz
    60 or 120 flashes/min
    Physical dimensions 89 x 85 mm (x D)
    Net weight 350g
    Operating temperature -40 to +60oC
    Environment IS, Outdoor, Indoor
    IP rating IP65
    Operation Continuous
    Supply voltage 6 – 28 VDC
    Current consumption 25 mA
    Flash rate 60 or 120 / min.
    Line monitoring input Polarized input
    Accommodation ABS flame retardant
    Income protection IP65
    Colored housing Red
    Colored lens Red


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