CARBON Monoxide Detector CO. ME300D

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CO detector, monoxide ME 300D electrochemical cell.

The design of the electrochemical cell is based on two electrodes separated by a liquid, of the alkaline electrolytic type.

When carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide gas comes into contact, a chemical reaction with the electrodes and electrolyte liquid occurs through a membrane. This reaction creates an electric current proportional to the amount of gas detected.

This type of detection is more accurate and stable than semiconductor systems, avoiding interference such as those caused by humidity, temperature and even other gases.

The service life is 10 years, no filters required and maintenance costs are lowered.

Technical specifications of CERCO 300 EQ plants

Average range
0 to 350 ppm
Reading time
25 sec
Alarm indication
Fixed red LED
State at rest
Green LED flicker every 25 sec
Operating temperature 0o to 50o continuous / -5o to 55o intermittent
Storage temperature -5th to 55th
Maximum relative humidity allowed
95% non-condensing
LIFE of the ME300D detector 10 years
Me300D detector accuracy ±1% on the scale fund
Resolution mod. ME300D 1 ppm


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