Hydrarant low ground level HE

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Hydrarant low ground level. HE model from EACI manufacturer. Available in several versions.

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Hydrarant low ground level. HE.

The low ground hydrar model HE is manufactured in the diameters of 4″. It is designed and manufactured in compliance with UNE EN-14384:2006 of colunma hydrants.

General features.

  • Hydrating type below ground.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar.
  • Test pressure: 25 bar.
  • Hydrating body made of grey cast iron.
  • Closing mechanism is made of non-ferrous materials, thus preventing corrosion leakage over time.


Design features

  • HE5/HE8 hydrants are designed for space-challenged installations, such as on sidewalks in large cities.
  • Anti-arie guide device.
  • Automatic Drainage System
  • Designed in such a way that they allow to be inspected easily and quickly by only one operator, without having to be unearthed.
  • Both the arches, fences and lids, are made of cast iron. The locks are built with materials highly resistant to corrosion and aging.


Models available

Reference Measures Version Outputs
HE5 4″ Fence and lid 1 Firefighter (fitting and lid)
HE5A 4″ Casket 1 Firefighter (fitting and lid)
HE8 4″ Fence and lid 2 x 70 mm (fittings and plugs)
HE8A 4″ Casket 2 x 70 mm (fittings and plugs)

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