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Fire Hose Cabinet CR3X

246,35368,25 + IVA

Fire Hose Cabinet (F.H.C.) of 25 mm, 20 meters of hose,folding. MODEL CR3X of COFEMmanufacturer .


*Los productos no incluyen gastos de transporte y los precios son exclusivos online.


Fire Hose Cabinet 25 mm and 20 meters CR3X COFEM

Fire hose cabinet 25 mm according to UNE/EN 671-1 and 20 m of semi-rigid hose manufactured according to UNE 694.

It is composed of horizontal cabinet made of 1 mm thick sheet steel, painted in red RAL 3000, of Dimensions 630 x 610 x 245 mm, with semi-blind door for methacrylate, and easy opening lock, equipped with arm fixing bracket and pre-drills for feed input, including winding, hose, spear, folding arm, seat valve, manometer and feed cord.

The BIE may be manufactured in another colour, taking into account the customer-supplied RAL, or in stainless steel, and may be mounted on a ground-mounted clamping arch.


  • Disc winding of 460 mm, painted in red, with axial power supply.
  • Semi-rigid hose of 25 mm and 20 m in length, manufactured according to EN 694 and CE-marked according to Standard.
  • Three-effects Nozzle: closure, spray and jet, connected by threaded screw-up to the end of the hose.
  • Red painted arm with double articulation and mounting plate to the cabinet holder.
  • 90º 1″ seat valve with 1/4″ pressure gauge socket.
  • Graduated manometer of up to at least 25 bars.
  • Feed hose between the valve and the winding, with semi-rigid hose of 25 mm.


Models available

Reference F.H.C
CR3X17 F.H.C. red painted red blind door
CR3X14 F.H.C. red painted red semi-blind door.
CR3X39 F.H.C. White painted white blind door.
CR3X18 F.H.C. red painted stainless steel blind door.
CR3X15 F.H.C. red painted semi-blind stainless steel door.
CR3X28 F.H.C. stainless steel blind door stainless steel.
CR3X25 F.H.C. stainless steel semi-blind door stainless steel.

Polystyrene is not included in any equipment.


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