C4 fire hydrant

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Fire Hose Cabinet (F.H.C.), of 25 mm and 20 m of hose, semi-rigid and fixed. Model C4 of the manufacturer COFEM.

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Fire Hose Cabinet 25 mm and 20 meters C4 COFEM

Fire hose cabinet 25 mm according to UNE/EN 671-1 and 20 m of semi-rigid hose manufactured according to UNE 694.

Vertical cabinet built of 1 mm thick steel sheet, painted in red RAL 3000, measuring 476 x 660 x 260 mm,with blind door painted of the same color, provided with pre-drill for feed inlet, hose, spear, seat valve, pressure gauge and feed hose.


Models available

Reference F.H.C
C4 F.H.C. standard 25 20m hose.
C4PCR F.H.C. painted in red red blind door.
C4PCI F.H.C. painted in red blind door in stainless steel.
C4TINPCI F.H.C. built entirely in stainless steel.



  • Rectangular dimensions for easy installation in columns.
  • Disc winding of 450 mm, painted in red, with axial power supply.
  • Semi-rigid hose of 25 mm and 20 m in length, manufactured according to EN 694 and CE-marked according to Standard.
  • Hose guide that allows hose to exit in any direction within the front 180o.
  • Three-effects lance: closure, spray and jet, connected by screwed screw to the end of the hose.
  • 90º 1″ seat valve with 1/4″ pressure gauge socket.
  • Graduated manometer from 0 to 16 bars.
  • Feed hose between the valve and the winding, with semi-rigid hose of 25 mm.

Información adicional



Ø Manguera

25 mm

Longitud manguera

20 m

Tipo manguera



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