AE/PX2 Extinguishing Control Panel

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Fire Extinguishing Control Panel /Central, model AE/PX2 – AE/SA-PX2AE/94-PX2 electronic Aguilera. 2 guarded areas.


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Central / AE/PX2 Extinguishing Control Panel – AE/SA-PX2 – AE/94-PX2 Electronic Eagle


The PX2 SERIES of extinguishing control panels are microprocessed alarm plants, designedand certified according to European standard EN 12094-1:2003

Features of Aguilera Electronic’s PX2 extinguishing plant

  • 2 monitored detection zones.
  • Programmable operating mode such as:
    • Double detection: Two alarms in one area.
    • Cross-detection: An alarm in each zone.
    • Mixed: Two alarms on the panel.
  • Supervised detection zone for extinguishing trigger pushbutton.
  • Supervised input for extinguishing stop button.
  • Shooting and extinguishing stop buttons built into the panel.
  • 2 Independent monitored inputs for pressure switch monitoring or weighing control and flow control.
  • Monitored evacuation and exit exit for trigger poster.
  • Mode selection key: automatic, manual or unarmed.
  • Display with indication of the time remaining for download.
  • Output time before programmable extinction between 0 and 60 seconds.
  • Integrable in the algorithmic system.
  • Optional relays to repeat the statuses of the control unit.
  • Dimensions: 320 x 272 x 125 mm.
  • Can accommodate 2 12V/7Ah batteries. (Not included)
  • Equips a microprocessed card that keeps the algorithmic plant informed of its status permanently.


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