SLENDER Fire Hose Cabinet

Fire Hose Cabinet and 20 meters, SLENDERmodel, EACI manufacturer

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Fire Hose Cabinet side of 25 mm and 20 meters of hose. SLENDER

  • Vertical configuration cabinet.
  • Set consisting of 2 independent bodies.
  • Recessed drawer and removable front with flat frame.
  • Frame finish: Stainless Steel Gloss. AISI 304
  • Door embedded “CIEGA”.
  • Door finish: Graphed Stainless Steel. AISI 304
  • De-set drawer in unpainted galvanized steel sheet.
  • Magnet lock.
  • Telescopic guide for access to devanera in assembly and maintenance.
  • Fixed Eacisystem reel with axial feed.
  • Thermoplastic copolymer devanera according to ISO 4892-2. UV resistance exposure to Xenon arc light sources.
  • Power input, top and left.
  • With output run for connection to installation (1″ slot pipe).
  • Triple-effect Triplex nozzle. Female thread 1″ (x10 mm.).
  • Guiman system for hose orientation and slippage.
  • 20 m. semi-rigid hose 25 mm. EN-694.
  • Pipette-elbow for quick hose replacement.
  • Ball valve 1″ in chromed brass.
  • Demultiplier for valve drive, with metal drag.
  • Gauge scale 0 – 16 kg./cm2. Thread 1/4″.
  • Chromed brass cutting valve for gauge. Thread 1/4″.


Models available

Reference Composition Cabinet measurements
Data sheet
SLENDER – BIE25SLENDER F.H.C 675 x 280 x 610 mm Download
SLENDER2 – BIE25SLENDER2 FHC. + Fire Extinguisher Cabinet 975 x 280 x 610 mm Download
SLENDER3 – BIE25SLENDER3 FHC. + Fie Extinguisher Cabinet + Technical Module Registration 1125 x 280 x 610 mm Download


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