Explosive danger sign and no smoking and fire

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Combined signal of Danger explosive materials and Forbidden to smoke and light fire. Approved. According to UNE 81-501. PVC 0.7 mm, 2 mm. Aluminum 0.8 mm. Several sizes.

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Combined Signal hazard explosive materials and Forbidden smoking and lighting fire

The combined signal of Hazard Explosive Materials and Prohibited Smoking and Lighting Fire is available in PVC material 0.7 mm, PVC 2 mm and Aluminium 0.8 mm. It also has several sizes to choose for this same product.

They are suitable for certain risks that require more than one pictogram combining Warning and Prohibition signs.

Mandatory safety signs in the workplace, in places where people are performing work with certain types of risks and are prone to accidents, so that this type of risk is specifically reported withsafety signs.

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