1 – 2 – 8 loop algorithmic center. AE/SA-C

751,96 + IVA

1 – 2 – 8 loop algorithmic fire plant for 125 teams per loop. AE/SA-C1 / AE/SA-C2 / AE/SA-C8 electronic Aguilera.


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1-loop fire algorithmic plant. Model AE/SA-C1 / AE/SA-C2 / AE/SA-C8. Electronic aguilera

Algorithmic analog microprocessed plant according to European standards UNE-EN 54-2 and UNE-EN 54-4, which allows individual control of all the equipment that makes up the fire detection facilities

Intelligent fire control center with capacity for 1 loop of 125 equipment,to which the detectors, pushbuttons, maneuver modules, control modules and other elements that configure the installation are connected.



Features of the 1 – 2 – 8 loop algorithmic power plant

Allows connection of CLASS A loops: closed loop with independent input and output isolators; and CLASS B loops: open loop with output isolator.

  • 27.2 Vdc 4 A switched power supply.
  • Emergency battery charger. The control unit has the capacity to accommodate inside two 12V / 7 Ah batteries. (not included)
  • Non-volatile event memory, with capacity for 4000 events.
  • Complete operation control of all the equipment that makes up the installation on a scheduled or manual basis: rearmes, replacements, levels, connection/disconnection of points, activation/deactivation of evacuations, closing of doors and fire gates.
  • Delay programming according to UNE EN54-2.
  • DAY/NIGHT modes
  • Warning output to firefighters with programmable activation times: Recognition time and research time, according to NEN2535.
  • Built-in test and test modes for each zone.
  • Allows multiple working languages.
  • Comprehensive management of historical lists between two dates and status of the zones.
  • 240×64 dot graphic display.
  • Control keyboard.
  • Luminous indicators and local acoustic warning, for presentation of general states of service, alarm, breakdown, disconnection, test, power and status of evacuation manoeuvres and others.
  • Built-in evacuation outputs (guarded exit), alarm (firefighters), pre-alarm and breakdown.
  • 2 user-selectable Interface RS232 or RS485 serial communications ports.
  • 1 RS485 Interface serial communications port with optional ARCNET protocol to work with Aguilera’s AE2NET network.
  • Built-in serial printer port.
  • Optional TCP network port, via AE/SA-TCPC1 card, for integration into Ethernet networks.
  • Measurements: 274 mm height x 322 mm width x 123 mm bottom


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