Central mobile phone fire alarm

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Fire alarm center for mobile telephony of 14 or 30 inputs/outputs. Electronic Aguilera AE/AX model.


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Fire alarm cnetral for mobile telephony. AE/AX

AE/AX12S and AE/AX30S models

Fire alarm center for mobile telephony according to UNE EN54-2 to control fires, technical signals and other parameter changes that occur in mobile phone booths and similar enclosures.

Formed by:

  • Stabilized power supply, powered at 230 V with input protections, outputs at 27 and 12 Vdc and battery charger.
  • Supervised loop that controls an area of fire detectors and pushbuttons, with signalling of: 1st level of fire, 2nd level, breakdown and service.
  • Monitored loop for automatic firefighting, programmable to fire the extinguishing agent with the 1st or 2nd level of fire.
  • Relays: fire, monitored for general breakdown, air conditioning stop and repetition of external alarms, 1 and 14.
  • Control of 14 to 30 inputs by model, individually selectable by normally open or closed contact, which are transmitted by sub D37 pin connectors (relay outputs 2A, voltage-free by individually selectable contact open or closed).
  • Dimensions: 375 x 280 x 130mm.


Model AE/AX30TRI

The AE/AX30TRI alarm unit is a fire control andexternal alarm repeater for three different operators.

It basically consists of:

  • Power supply and battery charger.
  • Fire detection loop.
  • Automatic extinguishing control circuit that provides us with a guarded outlet to activate an solenoid valve.
  • Relay output (24 V).
  • 12 Vdc (500 mA) output for various uses external to the control unit.
  • Control of 30 external alarm inputs, normally open or normally closed selectable by a switch, (outputs of the 30 alarms through potential-free relays normally open or closed selectable by means of a selector).
  • For the first 14 outputs plus fire alarm and general fault alarm, three 37-pin Sub-D connectors are available for independent use by each operator. This information is repeated
    simultaneously on all three connectors.
  • A single 37-pin Sub-D connector is available for the remaining 16 outputs.
  • Repetition by means of two 2 A voltage-free switched relays of inputs 1 and 30.
  • Control of 1 FIRE output and 1 GENERAL FAILURE output normally closed through the first 3 37-pin Sub-D connectors.
  • Voltage-free 2A switched relays for:
    • Fire alarm.
    • General fault alarm (usually excited).
    • Selectable ventilation stop with fire level 1 or with fire level 2.
    • Optical and acoustic signalling, in addition to the controls necessary for the operation of the installation


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