752 Series Delay Camera

299,01 + IVA

752 Series Delay Camera, for 751 Series Alarm Valves. CRK model from manufacturer VICTAULIC.

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752 Series Delay Camera

The 752 Series Delay Camera is a compensation tank that reduces the possibility of false alarms for increased water supply pressure. It has a high-strength ductile iron body and is designed for use with 751 Series alarm valves.

The body is painted inside and outside for increased corrosion resistance. The delay chamber is UL, FM and ULC certified for a rated service capacity of 300 psi/2100 kPa.

The unit has a capacity of approximately one gallon/3.8 liters and weighs (dry) 18 lbs./8.2 kg.

It is available with 1/2″/21.3 mm NPT input and 3/4″ NPT output.


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