High base for A30X detectors

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A30X series fire or smoke detector base, Cofem manufacturer’s A30XZAL model. High profile

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High base for A30X detectors. A30XZAL


The bases for the detectors are necessary for the installation of them, without them, it would be impossible to connect a detector controlled by a fire plant.

Both Cofem’s A30X series smoke detectors and fire detectors are compatible with this type of base.

Note that each manufacturer has a detector model with a different fit tab design to the base, so this type of base only serves the detectors described above. If we tried to connect another manufacturer’s detector or another model to this base, it would be impossible to fit it and therefore it wouldn’t do us any good.

High profile fire detector socket for 20 mm tube.

These types of detectors are not valid for working in environments of 100% humidity.

The section of the cable will depend on the fire plant.

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