746 Series Dry Systems Accelerator

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Firelock 756 UL/FM Series Dry Systems Accelerator for 768N and 769N valves. Model D746ACfrom manufacturer VICTAULIC.

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746 Series Dry Systems Accelerator

The dry throttle is a quick-opening device that expels air from the actuator to speed up valve operation.

The diaphragm divides the dry accelerator into two chambers. The locking camera contains a compression spring that keeps the camera closed. The closed position is maintained as long as the pressure differential between the opening and closing chambers is less than 3 psi/0.2 bar.

When the system inserts air pressure into the dry throttle, air enters the closing chamber and passes through a check valve into the opening chamber. The check valve, which allows flow to the opening chamber, prevents pressure from escaping from this chamber. Therefore, the air will only be able to escape through the flow restrictor.

When rapid loss of air pressure occurs in the system, as in the case of an open sprinkler, air escapes from the closing chamber faster than it would from the opening chamber. As the pressure of the sprinkler system continues to decrease, differential pressure is generated throughout the diaphragm. When this differential pressure reaches between 3 and 5 psi/0.2 and 0.2 bar,the pressure of the opening chamber exceeds the closing force of the compression spring and this causes the closing chamber to open into the atmosphere. The closing chamber opens immediately and releases the actuator pressure, which drives the valve.


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