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Voltage-free relay module. 1 Relay MDL1R

19,22 + IVA

1 relay theion-free relay module. Model MDL1R for conventional systems. Cofem manufacturer.

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Voltage-free relay module for 1 relay. Cofem’s MDL1R model

Voltage-free relay module for 1 relay. Cofem’s MDL1R model, for fire detection system.

This module consists of a relay that controls the output of a normally open (NA) Normally Closed (NC) dry contact, unsupervised.

This arrangement allows to control as a typical application the firing of door electromagnets and fire gates in conventional fire detection systems, either through the power supply of the plant or External Power Supplies (FAE).

The relay module circuit is mounted on a plastic base, which has adhesive tapes that allow it to be conveniently fixed in the place that best suits it, taking advantage of the space available in the plants, Power Supplies (FAE), etc., following the normal distribution of the wiring of the installation. In addition, the relay module contains a safety fuse on the dry contact side. Three versions of modules are available depending on the number of relays contained on the basis:

• MDL1R: Module consisting of 1 relay.
• Relay with NA-NC dry contact output, not supervised.
• Easy installation by means of adhesive tapes, taking advantage of the useful space and following the normal distribution of wiring.
• Contains safety fuse.

Features of the MDL1R relay module

24 – 35 V
Consumption at rest
0 mA
Fuse 2 A
Active consumption
20 mA

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