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Tubular holder for STE extinguisher

33,01 + IVA

R tubulaholder for clamping the extinguisher incases where it cannot be hung. From the manufacturer EACI.

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Tubular holder for extinguisher.

The tubular holder for extinguisher allows the clamping of the same in cases that is not possible or it is preferable not to hang it in a vertical parament. Ideal for places where aesthetics is of great importance, buildings considered historical heritage in which you cannot drill the walls, sites where the fire extinguishers move constantly as in construction works. Very useful for placing the fire extinguisher in spaces that are used temporarily or in events or in sites not intended for it.

Reference Fire extinguisher
STE-6 Dust 6 kg
STE-912 Dust 9 – 12 kg
STE-CO22 CO2 2 kg
STE-CO25 CO2 5 kg

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