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Flame Detector With Triple Infrared Sensor IP65 - IP66 / FF760 Series

2096,692254,43 + IVA

Flame Detector With Triple Infrared Sensor IP65 – IP66 / FF760 Series. 90º detection cone. Low power consumption (8mA). Kilsen product.

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FF762 FF762

Flame detector with triple infrared sensor IP65 – FF762 / IP66 – FF767

The FF762 is an IR3 flame detectoron a cover of the zinc alloy,and the The FF767 is an intrinsically safe IR3 flame detector on a cover of thezinc. MODELS with IR3 sensor have excellent flame response while providing excellent immunity to strange IR emission sources. The new microprocessor technology makes the detectors highly sensitive allowing it to operate through smoke, a layer of oil, dust, or water vapour. Adjustable sensitivity is provided according to EN54-10.


How is the installation and maintenance of the flame detector with dual infrared sensor IP65 – FF762 / IP66 – FF767?

The units can be wired at 2 wires, 4-20 mA, or through the relay contacts (fire, fault and pre-alarm) with or without interlocking. Incorporates inputs for remote activation of the self-test. Various accessories are available such as the swivel bracket or rain protector. The units are vibration tolerant, and the wind doesnot affect their operation. The IR3 unit has an excellent tolerance against detector window contamination and can detect flame through glass windows. A flame sensor test unit is available for accurate detector testing.


How much does the flame detector with DUAL infrared sensor IP65 – FF762 / IP66 – FF767 reduce false alarms?

Most IR flame sensors respond to up to a wavelength of 4.3om, emittedby hydrocarbon flames. Also responding to a wavelength ranging from 0.75 to 2.7om emitted by all types of fire, all flames ranging from those values can be detected. Gas fires not visible by the human eye such as hydrogen can also be detected. IR3 detectors, responding to adjacent IR wavelengths, allow you to discriminate between flames and false sources of IR radiation. The combination of filters with signal processing allows the sensor to be used without the risk of false alarmsin difficult situations, characterized by factors such as fluctuating sunlight.


Operating voltage 14 to 30 VDC
Net weight 2 kilograms
Operating temperature -10 up to + 55oC
Storage temperature -20 up to + 65oC
Relative humidity 95% max. non-condensing
Environment Inside
IP rating IP65
Supply voltage 14 – 30 VDC
Supply current 3/9, 4/8/14, 4-20, 8-20 mA
Relay contact ratings 1 A to 30 VDC (resistive load)
Field of view 90 min. cone
Spectral Response (IR) 0.75 to 2.7 m
Physical dimensions 108 x 142 x 82 mm (width x height x depth)

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Flame optics



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