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TH012 Wireless Heat Detectors Test Tool

700,40 + IVA

Wireless TH012/Solo heat detector check tool. Single infrared activation and Cross Air technology,


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WIRELESS TH012 Heat Detector Check Tool

Using the single infrared activation and Cross Air technology, the heat generation process is carried out only when the detector under test is inside the cup with hot air blown horizontally into a beam directly focused towards the sensor for optimal energy use and results. Interchangeable NiMH battery sticks and a fast battery charger allow for all-day testing with a professional wireless device.


Features of the TH012 Wireless Heat Detector Check Tool

  • Endorsed by the detector manufacturer.
  • No wires, drag cables or hanging cables.
  • Battery-powered (kits include 1 or 2 larger capacity (3000mAh) battery poles and a UL-listed fast charger with network and vehicle power cables).
  • Fits fixed temperature detectors, rate of increase and combination up to 194oF/90oC.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • The universal design adapts to the widest range of detectors.
  • Transparent test cup for clear view of the detector LED.
  • Designed for use in height, angles or low level.

Kits are only being updated to use the new, higher-capacity battery poles to provide longer, uninterrupted testing that increases productivity on site. The quick charger has also been updated and continues to fully charge a battery stick in 60 to 90 minutes (when fully discharged).

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