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Transmitter Via Telephone Line 2010-2-DACT

277,10 + IVA

Transmitter via telephone line 2010-2-DACT / Kilsen. Digital alarm transmitter for KFP-AF series power plants via PSTN switched telephone line.


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Transmitter via telephone 2010-2-DACT

The2010-2-DACT DigitalAlarm Communicator (DACT) is an accessory to the 2010-2 analog fire detection plant.


How to assemble and connections the transmitter by phone?

The card can be connected directly to the front of the main panel board. No additional wiring required. You can use unpluggable connectors to make PSTN line connections.



The DACT provides the possibility toestablish a communication between the fire detection panels of the 2010-2 series and an alarm receiving plant (CRA) via Switched Telephone Network(PSTN). The DACT uses the Contact ID(CID) protocol and can report alarms to up to 6 differentconfigurable alarm receiving plants. In addition, you can be connected to a GPRS card (ATS7310) to provide you with a mobile communication line.


Status indication 1 green LED (transmission TX)
1 green LED (receive RX)
Compatibility Release 3 hardware/firmware, Osborne-Hoffman OH2000E, Sur-Gard SG System I
Type of power supply Vdc
Operating voltage 24 VDC
Current consumption 45 mA at 24 VDC (standby/activated)
100 mA max. (With GPRS board)
Form factor Small
Physical dimensions 105 x 52 mm (W x H)
Net weight 40g
Shipping weight 130g
10-30 V


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