Standard signalling tape

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Standard signalling tape. In coils of 33 meters. Width 50 mm. Several colors (monocolor and bicolor).

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Standard signalling tape

Standard signalling tape. Available in a width of 50 mm. Available in various colors (monocolor and bicolor).

It is served in 33-meter coils.

The standard marking signalling tape has the following properties:

  • High resistance to water and UV rays.
  • Good mechanical and abrasion resistance.

Applying this product is an easy, fast and economical process. Before application, check that the surface where the tape is to be applied is clean, dry and free of dust, grease and other materials. It should be applied using as much pressure as possible so that one hundred percent of the tape comes into contact with the surface to be applied.

The marking tape is useful in:

  • Industrial signage: in situations of danger to the worker, obstacles, safety elements, etc.
  • Signage of sports areas: there is a specific coding for the marking of tracks in their different sports modalities.
  • Labeling: use in daily activities that are dedicated to the labeling of vehicles, mainly of an industrial nature.


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Black, Black/White, Blue, Green, Green/White, grey, Marrón, Orange, Red, Violet, White, White/red, Yellow, yellow/black


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