CI-MBB-1 Supplement for manic mounting

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Tube mounting supplement seen with watertight threads for YBNR/6M. EN54, LPCB, Lloyd Register, DNV, GL and MCA.



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Supplement for meddly mounting

The approved design of the MBB-1 provides a splash test, a secure fixation for the Hochiki CDX and ESP approved for shipbuilding range of detectors and their associated bases.

It can be installed on a variety of different fastening surfaces and because it has been manufactured to match the color of Hochiki’s product range, it provides a pleasant aestheticmemte solution in which fixed surface devices are required.

The housing supports four 20mm dry rotor inputs, for the area, or loop wiring access.

Supplied with base fixing screws and two cable glands specifically designed to provide protection against water in.

The base of the detector is adjusted directly on the MBB-1 and is located inside a small recess. It provides the exact fit and protection against dust and water inlet.

The MBB-1 is also the recommended water-proof rear heat box option from Hochiki Detectors; DFG-60E and ACB-EW.

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Serie CDX, Serie ESP



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