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Power Supply 24V 2A - PM863

235,83 + IVA

Power supply 24V 2A – PM863. For use in general safety, access control and fire / Kilsen applications.


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Power supply 24V 2A – PM863

This efficient and cost-effective powersupply is ideal for use in general safety, access control and fire applications. With a 27.6 V DC regulated output that supplies continuous full rated current at the most additional current charge to charge two 12 V backup batteries. The highly efficient switching mode design ensures low operating costs, generates less heat, and with a small physical size increases the space available for additional PCBs or cables. Modular construction simplifies maintenance.


Power supply features 24V 2A – PM863

  • Network failure and presence indicators
  • Disconnecting the battery to prevent a deep discharge
  • Ignition crank
  • Fault outputs
  • Network fuse and cc
  • Powder-coated steel casing


Fuse(s) Input 230 VAC 2 A, output 12/24 V 3 A
Main entrance 230 VAC
50 Hz ± 10%
Power output voltage 27, 6 VDC
Output ripple 100 mV pk-pk max.
Main output current 3 A
Max battery capacity 7.2 Ah (x2)
Battery charging current 1 A
Battery recharge time 20 hours
Battery disconnect voltage 19.6 ±0.2 VDC
Physical dimensions 330 x 275 x 80 mm (width x height x depth)
Color White
Form factor Steel cabinet
Operating temperature -10 up to + 40oC
Relative humidity 95 %
Compliance CE, ALCANCE, RoHS 2, WEEE
Charging output 2 A
Powder-coated housing (steel) 1.2 millimetres

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