MICRO-SENS Smoke Suction Detector

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Suction smoke detector. Model Titanius MICRO SENS – AETM of Electronic Aguilera.

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Titanius MICRO-SENS suction smoke detector. Electronic aguilera

The Titanius MICRO SENS, is a suction smoke detector that has been developed for the monitoring of small and medium sized installations and enclosures. However, it provides numerous features and operating options: A version with ROOM IDENT allows the location of the fire with the precision of a point smoke detector.

A freeze version allows use in applications below -40 oC.

Network over Ethernet support enables device integration with external monitoring systems. With a TITANUS MICRO system SENS® up to 8 point smoke detectors can be replaced. This requires duct lengths of up to 50m, regardless of whether A, B or C is required according to EN 54-20. Designed for applications that require individual fire detection for a given enclosure, small and medium enclosures up to 400 m2, equipment, up to 5 adjoining enclosures (hotel rooms…), autonomous equipment (wind turbines, transformers…)

Technical characteristics:

  • Power supply: 24Vdc (14 – 30 Vdc)
  • Max consumption at rest: 105mA
  • Maximum alarm consumption: 110-140mA
  • Dimensions: 140x222x70 mm
  • Weight: 850 to 895 gr
  • Temperature range: -20oC to +60oC
  • Humidity: 10% to 95% non-condensing.
  • Two alarm levels (alarm and pre-alarm).
  • Switched relay free of output voltage for alarm and general breakdown.
  • Protection class: up to IP 54.
  • En Certificates EN 54-20 Classes A, B, C No 0786-CPD-20322
  • Approved VdS no G 206004AETM-50. TITANUS MICRO-SENS® sensitivity 0.5% – no ind. level – without ident. Room.

Normal environments

Reference Sensitivity Level indicator
Ident. Room
AETM-50 0,5% No No
AETM-50I 0,5% No Yes
AETM-50B 0,5% Yes No
AETM-50BI 0,5% Yes Yes
AETM-10 0,1% No No
AETM-10I 0,1% No Yes
AETM-10B 0,1% Yes No
AETM-10BI 0,1% Yes Yes


Cold environments

Reference Sensitivity Level indicator
AETM-F50 0,5% No
AETM-F50B 0,5% Yes
AETM-F10 0,1% No
AETM-F10B 0,1% Yes

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