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Wizmart Optical Smoke Detector

12,82 + IVA

Optical Smoke DetectorWizmart, model DOP-WWizmart. For conventional fire plant. Does not include base


SKU DEL PRODUCTO: DOP-W Categorías , Etiqueta

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Wizmart Series

The conventional Detectors of the WizMart series have behind them a development since 2002, the beginnings of taiwanese manufacturer exporting their products, where they have been deeply involved in the development of all kinds of smoke, gas, co2, heat, and home security related products.

Its technology focuses on quality products at competitive prices and its engineering team works on constant research to improve its products.

Equipment complies with UNE EN-54

WizMart offers another conventional detector solution for end users thanks to Guardal / Inim electronics.


General characteristics of the DOP-W optical smoke detector

Wizmart’s conventional DOP-W optical smoke detetor that provides us with Guardal / Inim electronics will give us an alarm signal when the equipment detects the presence of smoke. The architecture of this detector is quite advanced in terms of detection and alarm failures in case of false warnings.

Possibility of including a high base next to the detector, which allows us to install for seen tube, anyway, it is a low profile design.

The base includes a connection toinstall, if necessary, a remote indicator.

Certified according to EC Directive 89/106/EEC issued by certified body 0845 – Certificate 0845-CPD-232139

Complies with UNE EN-54 part 5, 7 and 11.


12 – 28 V
Consumption at rest
100 uA to 24V
Consumption in alarm
70 mA
Sensitivity 57ºC Toa. Fixed

Rise Toa. 6.7ºC < 1 min.

Presence of smoke

Operating temperature
-10ºC – 50ºC
Relative humidity
0% to 95%
100 mm
Height (without base)
48 mm
Led indicators (360o)

Información adicional



Tipo detección

Optical smoke



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