FHSD8025-09 Suction Smoke Detector

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Suction Smoke Detector FHSD8025-09. High sensitivity LaserSense 25 suction. Kilsen product.


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FHSD8025-09 Suction Smoke Detector

The LaserSense 25 detector is designed to provide very high smoke detection sensitivity in a very small box.

ClassiFire perceptual artificial intelligence ensures that the detector operates at all timeswith optimal sensitivity to the protected environment, without the need for complex configuration. This means that the product will be configured to offer high sensitivity in a computer room or decrease its sensitivity in a smoke-filled area.

The detector is designed to fit into a docking station. All sampling tubes and cables are connected to the docking station leaving the detector placement for the end of the work. This ensures that the detectors are less likely to be damaged during installation.

Upgradeable fault and fire-free outputs are available for remote monitoring of detector status.


Where the FHSD8025-09 suction smoke detector can be applied

• Data storage units
• Cells
• Plant rooms
• Air conditioning units
• Rack equipment
• Computer rooms
• Air duct protection
• Heritage protection
• Critical teams
• Anti-tobacco applications
• Engine rooms


Available options

• APIC addressable cards™ available for Ziton protocol
• “Command Module” repeater available for central system monitoring
• SenseNet compatible – up to 127 detectors per loop
• Remote displays
• Suitable for MatrixScan, a patented software that provides virtual addressable detection – for example, 10 physical detectors can provide up to 45 unique addressable sampling points.

Operating voltage 21.6 to 26.4 VDC
Current consumption 250 mA
Detection principle Mass detection by laser light scattering and particle evaluation
Particle sensitivity range 0.003 μ up to 10 μ
Physical dimensions 145 x 220 x 85 mm (width x height x depth)
Net weight 1.7 kilograms
Color Cream
Cable inputs 2 x M20
material Sheet steel cover
Operating temperature -10 to +60oC (EN54-20)
Relative humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing
Environment Inside
IP rating IP40
Certification EN54-20
Measuring range (% Obs/m) 0.0015% to 25%
Alarm levels 4 (Aux, pre-alarm, alarm and alarm 2)
Sinks 1
Length Maximum stroke of 50 m (25 m in moving air)
Diameter 27 mm outer diameter
Holes up to 10 holes
Tired 1 (optional)
Standard 2 – Alarm (n/o) and fault (n/c)
Classification 500 mA to 30 V
Expansion Optional input and relay card
Indicators Led

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