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Siren 24V IP65 AS372

300,13 + IVA

Siren 24V IP65 – AS372 / Kilsen. Powerful acoustic signal with low current consumption.


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Siren 24V IP65 AS372

The AS372 is an intrinsically safe siren, for use in intrinsically safe areas, that provides audible sound in case of fire. It incorporates a fireproof ABS housing that complies with the EEx ia IIC T4 with an IP65 protection range.


Siren operating ranges 24V IP65 AS372

The AS372 siren is ATEX approved with ExII 1G and EEx ia IIC T4 ranges. It is located inside a fireproof ABS housing in accordance with the UL94V0 and 5VA, and offers an IP65 protection range.


Siren Benefits 24V IP65 AS372

The AS372 generates a powerful acoustic signal with low current consumption, reducing system power requirements and system costs. The AS372 is supplied with a volume control adjusted to thestandards of the standard, allowing the user to adjust the sound level while the installation is performed. Also the user can select the desired tone, within the 49 shades that the siren has available (see tone table in the manual). Seconds and third tones can also be activated if the corresponding circuits are wired on the siren itself.


Features of the 24V IP65 AS372 siren

  • ATEX Certified
  • Range EEx ia IIC T4
  • 49 user-selectable tones
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Surface mounting
  • Volume control
  • IP65 range


Operating voltage 16 to 28 VDC
Physical dimensions 89 x 99 mm
Net weight 350g
Color Red (RAL 3000)
Operating temperature -40 up to + 60oC
Storage temperature -40 up to + 70oC
Relative humidity 95% non-condensing max. At 20oC
Environment Interior, IS, Outdoor
IP rating IP65
Certification CENELEC / ATEX
Sound output at 1 m (depends on tone) <100 dB (A) ± 3dB
Number of tones (UKOOA / PFEER compatible) 49
Number of stages 3
Effective range at 1 kHz 40m
Operation Continuous
Automatic synchronization Phased start
Line monitoring input Polarized
Supply voltage (by barrier) 16 – 28 VDC
Nominal current (depends on pitch) 25 mA to 24 V
Environment Interior, ES
Income protection IP65
Housing (flame retardant) LPCB, Germanischer LloydUL94V0 and 5VA FR ABS
Fixations Stainless steel
Cable input 2 x M20 clearance gland blind holes
Bushing rating (not supplied) IP20 or better
Cable bracket 0.5 to 2.5 mm2

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