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RED Fire Mermaid Sign AS36RIM-09

11,46 + IVA

Red fire siren sign AS36RIM-09. Horizontal or vertical installation. Easy to install. Kilsen products.


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RED Fire Mermaid Sign AS36RIM-09

The AS36RIM-09 is an aesthetic enclosure for VADs, visualindicators, sirens and combined units of the AS360, AS2360, FA360 and FA2300 series. Allows the selected product to be displayed with the text “FIRE”.

The AS36RIM-09 can be adapted to range-compatible deep-baseddevices, and allows clear and convenient visual verification of the location of fire notification equipment in any facility.


How do I install the AS36RIM-09 red fire siren sign?

Due to an innovative design, the text orientation of the AS36RIM-09 can be horizontal or verticl, depending on the requirements of the application. A locking mechanism prevents the orientation position from being changed once the notification device has been installed.

Designed to accommodate cable input on both the surface and back, the selected deep-based notification device continues to maintain its IP rating as before. The AS36RIM-09 does not in any way affect the operation or mounting options of the selected notification device, and can be used for conventional andcompatible addressable notification devices.


Features of the AS36RIM-09 Red Fire Mermaid Sign

  • Easy to install
  • Provides an aesthetic environment for fire notification devices.
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Locking mechanism to block orientation
  • Additional flat surface for logos or text.


Compatibility Conventional addressable notification devices series 300 and 2000 series
Physical dimensions 43 x 98 x 272 mm (width x height x length)
Net weight 150g
Color Red
Type of Assembly Wall mounting
Mounting position Wall
material High-impact polycarbonate
Vandalism No
Environment Interior, Exterior
Compliance CE, ALCANCE, RoHS 2

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