SenseNet 9-30250 Network Graphic Software

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Graphic software for SenseNet 9-30250 network. SenseNET Graphic PC GUI software CD c/w dongle. Kilsen product.


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Graphic software for SenseNet 9-30250 network

SenseNET ™ is a Windows-based program that provides centralized control and management of up to 127 detectors on a bus with extensive checking and error correction for maximum reliability. For large installations, up to 16 loops of 127 detectors per loop can be properly controlled.

SenseNET ™ thanks to the ability to produce site maps, alert sounds and provide spoken instruction messages, which can be unique to each detector, is highly beneficial. Detectors can also be grouped into zones with an associated zone map, allowing alarms and failures to be and quick and easy to location.


Where can we install SenseNet 9-30250 network graphics software?

• Data storage units
• Cells
• Plant rooms
• Air conditioning units
• Rack equipment
• Computer rooms
• Air duct protection
• Heritage protection
• Critical teams
• Anti-tobacco applications
• Engine rooms


Features of SenseNet 9-30250 network graphics software

  • Central management of all teams
  • RS485 network control of up to 16 loops with 127 detectors each via Command Modules
  • Real-time alarm indication
  • User-defined sounds
  • Maps with specific directions
  • Protection against unauthorized access by 4-level password
  • Complete system diagnostics
  • Shows system-entire or historical status at any time
Compatibility Micron 25, Micra 100 and HSSD2 (not compatible with ModuLaser)
Environment Inside
Operating system Windows-based
Protection Dongle

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