Controlled Zone Signal

Controlled Zone Signal / No Text / Risk Irradiation / Risk Contamination / Risk Irradiation and Pollution. On PCV Adhesive. Various sizes.


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Controlled Zone Signal / No Text / Risk Irradiation / Risk Pollution / Radiation And Pollution Risk

The signal of Controlled Zone / No text / Risk of irradiation / Risk contamination / Risk irradiation and contamination is available in PVC Adhesive material.. It also has several sizes to choose from for this same product.

The hazardous of ionising radiacione makes it necessary to put in place measures to ensure the protection of exposed workers and the general public against the risks resulting from exposure to them.

The Controlled Zone is the area where there is the possibility of receiving effective doses greater than 6 mSv/year official or an equivalent dose greater than 3/10 of the equivalent dose limits for lens, skin and limbs. This consideration is also given to areas where working procedures are necessary, either to restrict exposure, to prevent the dispersion of radioactive contamination or to prevent or limit the likelihood and magnitude of radiological accidents or their consequences. It is signaled by a green clover on a white background.


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