FE570 Adjustable Tube Retainer

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Retainer with adjustable tube FE570. Floor mounting; Thrust pin and no magnetism remaining. Kilsen.


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Retainer with adjustable tube FE570

The FE570 is an adjustable and universal door magnet.

The FE500 series door clamping magnets are the result of years of specialized development. With a rated power of only 1.5 W at 24 V DC, these powerful magnets have a retention power of 490N. All magnets have a spring-loaded pin to ensure expulsion against remaining magnetism.

The FE500 Series offers cost-effective solutions without sacrificing performance. Reinforced aluminum gives it an elegant look and robust strength, while reinforced aluminum extensions for wall mounting allow you to cover the installation between the door and the wall. Retention plates are not supplied with the magnet and can be ordered separately depending on the application.


What is the installation of the FE570 adjustable tube retainer like?

For convenient ease of installation,all units are complete with electrical terminations. Protective diodes prevent electromagnetic pulses and provide reverse polarity protection, as well as speeding up installation. The brackets are pre-drilled in a convenient standard format for quick mounting.



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Features of the FE570 Adjustable Tube Retainer

  • Strong body
  • Floor mounting
  • 490N clamping force
  • Thrust pin
  • No remaining magnetism
  • Low power: 1.5 W
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • VDS approval


Retention force N (Newtons) 490
Release button Yes
Polarity reversal protection Yes (diode)
Type of power supply 24 VDC
Current consumption 1.5 W
Physical dimensions 90 x 80 mm (mounting plate)
475 mm (wall mount length)
450 mm (floor and ceiling mounting length)
IP rating IP42
VDS coil Yes

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