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FE230 Pushbutton Surface Mount Retainer

28,76 + IVA

Surface mount retainer with FE230 pushbutton. Anti-remnant bolt; protective diode and release button. Kilsen.


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Surface mount retainer with FE230 pushbutton

The FE230 is asurface mount door retainer, in Bayblend housing, which offers a retention force of 400N with unlock button. The cable input is accessible from the back and sides, and the release button can be placed on top or on one side.


What is the construction of the surface mount retainer magnet with FE230 pushbutton?

The magnet is constructed with an encapsulated coil and an anta-remnant bolt, giving it IP54 protection. The protective diodes are integrated inside.


Surface mount retainer housing with FE230 pushbutton

Plastic housing, made of Bayblend,a type of ABS that contains 30% PA 6 fiberglass, which makes it stronger than those made of standard ABS. Bayblend offers high thermal resistance.


How is the installation of the surface mount retainer with FE230 pushbutton?

– For easy installation,the door retainer has built-in electrical terminals. – The housing is pre-cut, for quick assembly. – The door retainer is supplied with the plate a retainer, which offers an angular adjustment. – The unlock button can be located in 3 different positions: up, left or right. – The cable input can be done on all 4 sides of the retainer or on the back.



Fe230 is certified in accordance with EN1155.


Surface mount retainer features with FE230 pushbutton

  • Low power consumption – 1.6 W
  • Retention force 400N
  • Anti-remnant bolt
  • Protective diode
  • Unlock pushbutton
  • EN1155 approval
  • Retention plate included


Retention force N (Newtons) 400
Release button Yes
Spark Suppression Diode Yes
Polarity reversal protection Yes
Type of power supply 24 VDC
Current consumption 1.6 W
Duty cycle 100%
Physical dimensions 85 x 110 x 38 mm (width x height x depth)
IP rating IP54 (magnet)
IP42 (connection)
Regulations EN1155

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