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Fire Extinguisher 6 Kg Powder

25,11 + IVA

Buy Fire Extinguisher 6 Kg Powder, certified price included. For shop, office, garage, community of neighbors and owners. 27A-183B-C


*Los productos no incluyen gastos de transporte y los precios son exclusivos online.


Fire extinguisher 6 kg powder with installation certificate

  1. Technical details of the extinguisher 6 Kg Dust abc from manufacturer AUCA
  2. What type of installations is the fire extinguisher 6 Kg Powder intended for?
  3. Do you need fire extinguisher installation? Call us and ask about our discount coupons
  4. Do you need fire extinguisher maintenance? Contact us. We carry out maintenance at the national level.
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Fire Extinguisher 6 kg Powder. Efficiency 27A-183B-C. Auca. PP6PS model


  • The 6Kg powder fire extinguisher is the most common equipment we can find in any facility to meet basic fire safety needs.
  • The manufacturer of the equipment is AUCA. High quality steel according to EN 10.130, is constituted by two deep mountings and bushing.
  • Valve with brass body, which also carries a safety ring, a seal, an opening and control lever in steel, an EN3 7 pressure gauge and a 520mm hose. with conical laminar flow diffuser.
  • Efficiency 27A-183B-C, superior to theefficacy 21A 113B C required by the technical building code. .
  • Wall mount included
  • Built-in permanent pressure fire extinguisher
  • Manometer to check internal pressure
  • Outer protection: blasting and polymerized epoxy-polyester coating at 220ºC, fire red R-3000.
  • Flexible curd hose with external coating of black polyamide and tubular diffuser.


Fire extinguishing type
ABC Powder
Propulsion agent
Nitrogen + Helium
Dimensions Height: 525 mm – Width: 270 mm – Length: 160 mm
Download time
16 seconds.
9.60 kg
Temperature of use
Test Pressure / Service
27 bar/PS(20ºC) x 14 bar.; PSmax. 16 bar;
E. Dielectric
35 kW


Types of installations for extinguisher abc 6 kg powder


You may have reached this section after consulting our fire extinguisher regulations section and therefore you have opted for this type of abc powder fire extinguisher.

The 6 kg powder fire extinguisher is the most used in Spain and the one we will see the most in different types of installations.

You must take into account what type of installation the fire extinguisher will be intended for.


Fire extinguisher for commerce or commercial premises, store, company, warehouse, workshop.

You want to protect basic fire extinguishers needs in a type of facility like these, because it’s in place adec


Fire extinguisher for garages and neighboring communities


Fire extinguisher for single-family homes

For single-family homes, we must also follow the instructions of the Building Technical Code – Basic Fire Safety Document. and we will need at least 21A 113B C fire extinguishers. In this case the effectiveness of our fire extinguisher 6 kg is superior.

Fire extinguisher for vehicles, trucks, trailers, tractors, mobile platforms, bus.

If you need a fire extinguisher for vehicle, truck, trailer, tractor, mobile platform, bus,you must have in mind our regulations of fire extinguishers in vehicles. In our section is the regulations explained in a personalized and detailed way for vehicles with and without ADR.

  • Maximum Mass Authorized 7000 Kg – MMA 7000 kg Extinguisher 6 Kg Dust Vehicles 21A 113B C
  • Vehicles of more than 23 seats, including the driver. Extinguisher 6 Kg Powder. 21A 113B C


Información adicional

Peso 10 kg


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