AS363 Outdoor Polycarbonate Alarm Siren

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AS363 / Kilsen outdoor polycarbonate alarm siren. Innovative connection base


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AS363 outdoor polycarbonate alarm siren

The AS363 is an electronic siren for applications in fire detection systems. As special features we can highlight its base that contains all the connections for easy wiring.

How to quickly install AS363 outdoor polycarbonate alarm siren

The AS363 siren minimizes assembly, wiring and maintenance times, thanks to utilizaciónits innovative connection base,,eliminating the need for siren connections and the use of screws to secure the siren to the base. These sirens use the TimeSaver ™ of the 630 series detectors. This allows the insertion or removal of the siren from its base in an easy and fast way, reducing costs and execution times.


Features of the AS363 outdoor polycarbonate alarm siren

  • High acoustic power
  • Very low current consumption
  • Up to 32 selectable shades
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Volume control
  • Extraction locking mechanism
  • Extraction locking mechanism
  • Built-in mounting base
  • Direct wiring on the basis
  • 2 shades
  • VDS approval


Line monitoring
Polarized input
Operating voltage 17 to 60 VDC (EN54-3 / fire applications)
9 to 60 VDC (fire-free applications)
Current consumption 4 to 41 mA to 24 VDC
Output level 94 to 106 dB (A) (at 1 m)
Selectable tones 32
Synchronization Phased Start (Auto Sync)
Physical dimensions 100 x 81 mm (x H) (shallow base)
Net weight 215 grams
Color Red
material High-impact polycarbonate
Operating temperature -25 up to + 70oC
Environment Inside
IP rating IP21
Certification EN54-3


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