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Strobe pilot. Flash Bank FAC355WC

69,06 + IVA

Strobe pilot. White Flash FAC355WC. Deep mounting base with Wiring directly to the base. Kilsen product.


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Strobe pilot. White Flash FAC355WC

The FAC355WC is ageneral purpose ceiling mount LED beacon for fire alarm applications. It features a special base that contains all wiring connectionsand allows easy removal/placement of the siren/beacon. With an EN54-23-approved coverage pattern of C-3-15, each FAC350C can be mounted up to 3 m in height and provide a cylinder coverage of 15 m in diameter. Therefore, a room of 10.6 x 10.6 m square can be covered with a single device.


What is the strobe pilot installation like. White flash FAC355WC?

FAx350 beacons enable faster installation and maintenance thanks to an innovative mounting base. Without the need for locking screws,these beacons use a deep-based version of the TimeSaver ™ of the 630 series detectors. The heads are simply locked at the base with a “rotate and click” action, allowing them to be placed or removed at any time because the base is the only component that needs to be wired. As the need for wiring is reduced, of course time and commissioning costs arealso reduced.


How efficient is the strobe pilot. White flash FAC355WC?

FAx350 beacons use a specially designed lens that provides uniform light output over the specified coverage area. The flare frequency of the beacon can also be adjusted during installation, with a selection between 0.5Hz or 1Hz.

The mechanism to lock the beacon to the base can be activated if necessary. Once activated, a special tool is required to remove the siren from the base.


General characteristics of the strobe pilot. White Flash FAC355WC

  • Automatic synchronization
  • Anti-manipulation locking mechanism
  • Deep mounting base
  • Wiring directly to the base
  • Selectable flash frequency
  • Degree of input protection IP65


Operating voltage 17 to 60 VDC
Flash frequency 0.5 or 1 Hz
30 or 60 flashes / min
Physical dimensions 100 x 104 mm (x D)
Net weight 250g
Operating temperature -25 up to + 70oC
Relative humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Environment Interior, Exterior
IP rating IP65
Certification EN54-23
Operation Continuous
Current consumption 20 mA at 0.5 Hz / 40 mA at 1 Hz
Automatic synchronization Phased start
Line monitoring input Polarized input
Accommodation High-impact polycarbonate
Housing color White
Flash color Of course
Light coverage C-3-15
Mounting position Ceiling
Mounting height Up to 3m
Soil coverage Up to 15 m in diameter

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Inside, Outside


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