Pilot Action Indicator PA25-3L

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Pilot action indicator PA25-3L. Great visibility angle, lights up on four sides. Kilsen products.


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Pilot action indicator PA25-3L

Action indicator pilot, very low power consumption and high brightness,for direct connection to fire detector, with three signalling LEDs (special for analog systems). Dimensions: 80x80x42mm.


Overview of remote indicators

The action indicator pilot has been designed for direct connection to the detector itselfallowing light signaling outside the enclosure where the detector is installed. The action pilot is supplied with a surface mount pocket, has two tube instries up to 20mm in diameter. For recessed mounting, a universal flush-mounted pocket with pitch between screws of 60 mm and a minimum depth of 25 mm must be used. The pilot will always be installed at the most visible point. The PA-25/3L will be connected between COM and ANALOG whenever used in an analogue system, in this way three red LEDs of high brightness are displayed, in no case the intensity will exceed 50 mA. You can choose to look fixed or flashing To do this, simply change the connection terminal. It can also be used in conventional systems where reduced consumption is required, connecting it between COM and CONV in this case will only show an LED, in no case the intensity will exceed 50 mA. The pilot looks fixed (it will do so intermittently if the detector gives you the signal).


PA25 / 3L

The PA25/3L normally connects directly to the remote LED output and common to the detector. Three high-intensity LED indicators turn on when activated with low current consumption. It can be set to stay on or flash after activation by simply wiring to an input terminal other than the unit. The PA25/3L can also be used in conventional systems that require low current consumption,connecting it in the same way as described above. In this case, only one LED lights up. The indicator normally stays on (only flashes if the detector sends the compatible signal).


Characteristics of the PA25-3L Action Indicator Pilot

  • Two-wire connection, direct to detector
  • Large angle of visibility, lights up on four sides
  • Low consumption
  • Intermittent
  • Power supply from 2 to 10 VDC
  • High luminosity
  • Compatible with electrical shedding
  • Degree of protection IP20
  • Modern and elegant design
  • ABS plastic housing with ruby red polycarbonate peephole, shock resistant
  • Shock resistant


Compatibility Kilsen KL700 and KL7A systems
Operating voltage 5 to 10 VDC (on addressable systems)
2 to 5 VDC (in conventional systems)
Current consumption <50 mA
Physical dimensions 80 x 80 x 42 mm (width x height x depth)
Net weight 10 g
Color White
Type of Assembly Ceiling Mounting, Wall Mount
Cable size <100m
material Section
Vandalism No
Operating temperature -10 up to +60oC
Storage temperature -10 up to + 70oC
Environment Inside
IP rating IP40
Compliance CE, ALCANCE, RoHS 2

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