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Multisensor optical-thermal detector

11,56 + IVA

Manufacturer Mira’s M502C conventional optical-thermal detector. For conventional fire plant. Baseless

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Multisensor optical-thermal detector. M502C

The conventional M502C multisensor optical-thermal detector is designed for conventional fire detection plants.

This detector is designed to emit an alarm signal in case of smoke, or when the temperature of the protected area exceeds 57oC. Category A2

Its functions and design allow long-term stability and warranty.


Features of the conventional M502C thermovelocimetric heat detector

  • Mounting with extraction lock
  • Red alarm led
  • Output for remote pilot.
  • Dirty camera warning for maintenance
  • Correcting automatic pollution sensitivity variations
  • Measurements 100 mm in diameter and 36 mm in height
  • Complies with UNE EN-23007-5 and 7
  • APPLUS 0370-CPD-0532 Certificate


Technical specifications of the M502C thermovelocymetric heat detector

Supply voltage
8.5 Vdc to 30 Vdc
Consumption at rest
65 uA to 24 V and 25o

(95 uA in alarm)

Alarm intensity
27 mA with R-470 Ohms at 24 V
Maximum remote pilot current
40 mA
Working temperature
-10oC + 50oC
Storage temperature
-20oC + 80oC
Maximum relative humidity
95% non-condensing

Información adicional

Tipo detección

Thermal optics





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