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AE/SA-OPT Algorithmic Thermal Optical Detector

42,70 + IVA

Addressable algorithmic optical thermal detector (analog). Electronic Aguilera AE/SA-OPT model.


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Addressable algorithmic optical thermal detector (analog) AE/SA-OPT. Electronic aguilera


Multisensor detector with smoke and heat according to UNE EN 54-7 and UNE EN 54-5 with CE conformity certificate and AENOR quality mark.

Addressable algorithmic unit that manages an optical smoke sensor and a heat sensor. The optical sensor takes measurements of the light that disperse the smoke particles and their increase, while the heat sensor takes measurements of thermal variations.

Both measurements are analyzed and sent to the plant so that it makes the alarm decision whenever the parameters programmed for each case are reached.

It has the same endowment and characteristics as the AE/SA-OP detector

Does not include socket/base for algorithmic detectors.

Technical details

  • Supply Voltage:18′- 27 V (Algorithmic Loop AE/SA-CTL Card).
  • Consumption at rest:1.7 mA
  • Alarm consumption: 4.2 mA Wiring:2 wires.
  • Recommended section 1.5mm2
  • Temperature range: -10o – +50oC (ambient temperature)
  • Humidity margin: Relative humidity 10% – 90% non-condensing.
  • Housing material: ABS
  • Operating witness: green flash (can be inhibited).
  • Alarm: fixed red
  • Dimensions: 106 mm. Height: 58 mm with low socket.
  • Output for remote alarm: max 80 mA.
  • Supported sockets:
    • AE/SA-Z low socket
    • AE/SA-ZA high socket.


Información adicional

Tipo detección

Thermal optics





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