IR Triple Flame Optical Detector

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OPTICAL TRIPLE IR flame detector,especially suitable for hydrocarbon fires and ornic materials, ATEX and EN 54-10 certified


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IR triple flame optical detector

Optical IR triple flame detector, especially suitable for hydrocarbon fires and organic materials, indoors and outdoors, ATEX certified (IIA, IIB, IIC groups) and EN 54-10. Among its features stands out its high efficiency and immunity to false alarms thanks to the triple multiband IR detector analysis and data control by microprocessor, including ambient temperature, schedule, date, etc. It also has its own event log, automatic and manual test, alarm and fault relay output, output in 4-20 mA and RS-232 format, which allows you to control functions, consult events or run the test in collaboration with a control software, if desired. A built-in heater allows you to work in extreme conditions from -40 oC to +75 oC. IP-66.

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Flame optics





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