MPS-E Fire Extinguishing Plant

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MPS-E conventional firefighting plant. 2 zones detection and detection control. Llenari.


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Firefighting plant. MPS-E. Llenari

The MPS series microprocessed fire plants are EN-54 certified, perfectly designed for fire detection, extinguishing and alarm. It is ideal for small and medium-sized installations.


  • Compliant with EN 54 Part 2 and 4, and EN Standard 12.094 Part 1
  • Discriminate between pushbuttons and detectors.
  • Discriminate between short circuits and open circuit in case of breakdown.
  • It has 2 detection and extinguishing control zones
  • Possibility to control via SMS from a mobile (optional).
  • 3 levels of access and Watch mode (configurable to check for single person incidents)
  • Testing mode (automatic resets for single-person maintenance)
  • Timing of output relays and sirens.
  • Limited battery charge control (preserves power supply).
  • 4 general relay outputs (one rearmable and one monitored). 2 supervised outputs and 2 dry contact outputs in addition to the 4 general ones.
  • Trigger pushbutton programming for delay overrides.
  • Connector on the “Rearme” input circuit (remote resets).

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