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Expander module via SGWE radio - SERIOR

314,41 + IVA

Expander module via SGWE radio. It is used to extend the scope of the converter. Guardal / Inim electronics


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Range expander module via radio. SGWE. Guardal / Inim electronics


SGWE. Range expander module via radio, allows you to extend the range of the converter module by creating a micro-cell structure that can be configured in series in order to extend the distance of the radio track by relaying the radio communication to the expanders or directly to the wireless field devices. This functionality makes it possible to install large fully wireless systems or add wireless devices in areas where it is difficult or impossible to wiring converter modules. Up to 7 range expanders can be enlarped for each converter module. All expanders are supervised to fully ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability.

  • On-site programming
  • Two-way wireless communication, with battery status monitoring
  • Frequency range used 868 – 870 MHz (7 selectable channels)
  • Fully keyboard or PC programmable system
  • EN54 Certificate Part 18: 2005 and EN54 Part 25:2008
  • Made in Europe

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