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Vocal announcer module via radio SGVA100

377,33 + IVA

Vocal announcer module via radio SGVA100. Includes lithium batteries. Guardal / Inim electronics

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Vocal announcer via radio. SGVA100. Guardal / Inim electronics


SGVA100. Vocal announcer via radio that reproduces voice messages and can be activated, in the case of alarms, failures or emergency conditions, through the fire plant. It is equipped with two Lithium batteries, the main one, which guarantees 5 years of life, a second that guarantees 6 months of extra life (batteries included). Up to 3 voice messages can be selected/recorded each with a duration of 32 seconds.

  • On-site programming
  • Two-way wireless communication, with battery status monitoring
  • Frequency range used 868 – 870 MHz (7 selectable channels)
  • Maximum volume at 1 meter of 70 dB up to 110 dB
  • Fully keyboard or PC programmable system
  • Made in Europe

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