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8-input analog module MSTAY8

91,67 + IVA

8-input microprocessed and addressable analog module. Model MSTAY8 from coFEM manufacturer


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COFEM’s MSTAY8 8-input analog module

Microprocessed and addressable analog module (with short-circuit isolator) that is installed as one more element of the loop.

You have eight inputs to monitor equipment outside the system.

It is a typical application to signal the status of other detection systems where there may be connection of flow sensors in the case of sprinkler installations, end of race in the case of fire doors, elevators, tank level, pressure groups, etc.

These inputs are configurable by microswitch as follows:

  • Supervised (pin 1switch on ON); At rest, it monitors the outer line by means of a resistance of 33 ko, indicating the open line or cross-line state. Connecting a resistor of 10 ko in parallel will activate the corresponding input.
  • Closed contact active (pin 1 ‘switch in OFF and pin 3’switch in OFF); the entry at rest must be with the contacts open, in case of event the contacts of the input must be crossed. This will be the factory setting.
  • Open contact active (pin 1switch in OFF and pin 3switch on ON); the entry at rest must be with the cross-contacts, in case of event the contacts must be opened.

Using pin 2 of the configuration switchc we will select the type of event that the module will send to the control unit; ON Fault and OFF Alarm.

The configuration of the power plants is common for all.

The flicker of the transparent red LED tells us the communication with the control unit, as well as if it stays on fixed it indicates the activation of one or more inputs. This module has an output for the activation of a remote pilot, which is activated when it is in an alarm state. The Technical Signals Module is powered by the connection to the loop.


Technical specifications


24 – 35V with polarity
Consumption at rest un supervisory mode
Closed contact asset
2 mA
Open contact asset
5 mA
Consumption at rest un supervisory mode
Closed contact asset 14 mA
Open contact asset 11 mA
Consumption in alarm monitored mode
14 mA
Short-circuit isolator Yes
Tension supervision 5 V with reverse polarity
Remote indicator output Yes
Activation indicator Red LED (fixed)
Communication indicator Red LED (flashing)
Moisture 20 – 95% RH
Temperature -10oC + 50oC
Dimensions 153 x 110 x 63
IP protection IP 55

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