Module to connect 32 detectors / 10 PUSHbuttons KMAY32

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Microprocessed and addressable analog module for connecting conventional detectors and/or pushbuttons. Model KMAY32 ofthe manufacturer COFEM.


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Module to connect 32 detectors / 10 COFEM KMAY32 pushbuttons

Microprocessed and addressable analog module (with short-circuit isolator) that is installed as one more element of the loop.

This module allows you to connect conventional detectors and/or pushbuttons in an analog fire detection system, performing the interface function between an analog control plant and a conventional system. A maximum of 10 pushbuttons can be installed on the “Zone C” strip. In the “Zone D” strip, a maximum of 32 elements are supported between detectors (A30XH, A30XHS, A30XT and A30XV) and conventional pushbuttons. Both strips monitor the line using a final line resistor, from AK7. This indicates the open line, cross-line, detector alarm, or pushbutton alarm status.



  • It has a microswith for setting zone thresholds;
    • Threshold open line (pin’swith 1-2).
    • Threshold trigger alarm detector (pin’swith 3-4).
    • Threshold trigger pushbutton alarm (pin’swith 5).
  • The flashing of the transparent red LED tells us the communication with the control unit, as well as whether it stays on it tells us the alarm status of a detector or pushbutton connected to this module.
  • This module has output for the activation of a remote pilot, which is activated when it is in an alarm state.
  • This module is powered by the connection to the loop and requires a 24V auxiliary power supply to power the zones (this voltage is monitored by the microcontroller).


Technical specifications

Loop feed
20 – 35V with polarity
Auxiliary power supply 24V
20 – 30V
Consumption at rest
1.5 mA
Short-circuit isolator
Tension in zone
22V with polarity
Remote indicator output
Activation indicator
Red LED (fixed)
Communication indicator
Red LED (flashing)
20 – 95% RH
-10ºC +50ºC
159 x 118 x 72 mm
IP protection
IP 55

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