Micro In / Out Module. EU311C

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Micro module with supervised input and a loop powered output with built-in isolator. EU311C. Guardal / Inim.



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Micro module of a supervised input and power output of the loop. EU311C. Guardal / Inim electronics

EU311C. Addressable micro-module with input short-circuit isolator identified as pushbutton. Due to its small size, it can be housed inside different devices to be controlled.

  • 1 supervised input identified as pushbutton
  • Consumption at rest 80oA
  • Alarm consumption 20 mA
  • Automatic routing (each device is identified by a factory-assigned serial number)
  • EN54 Certificate Part 17: 2005 EN54 Part 18:2005
  • Made in Europe INIM

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